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True story of Mr. Khalid Khan - an NGO Activist from district Swabi

Mr. Khalid Khan is an NGO Activist from district Swabi. He is living in a joint family along with his brothers and sisters. He has a beautiful wife and two loving children. He is a committed professional at work, a caring brother, a compassionate father and above all a loving husband at home.

Few months back his wife "Fatima" had successfully completed TB treatment. Like many other TB patients her disease was diagnosed late. This was primarily due to her negligence of TB symptoms which resulted in trying various doctors in private sector. She was suffering form severe cough and temperature but her disease was misdiagnosed. Her husband was very worried about her as her condition was deteriorating day by day. On one fateful day her husband participated in TAF (The Asia Foundation: NTP Partner) awareness session on TB where he came to know about TB symptoms that resembled a lot of her wife illness. Furthermore, he also got information about the diagnostic centers and free of cost TB diagnosis and treatment services. As a result, on the very next day he took his wife to the diagnostic center Swabi where she underwent sputum tests. The results worried him because his doubt was now a reality.

"All the way to my home I was disturbed because I clearly remember the attitude of my family meted out to my cousin's wife who was having TB. My family compelled my cousin to go for a second marriage which he did. He broke all his marital relationships with her and now she is spending the life of despondency and isolation" Says Mr. Khalid Khan.

Visualizing the condition of his wife and the attitude of his family towards her, he decided not to disclose his wife's disease. Even he kept it secret from his wife.

Upon asking why you didn't tell your wife. He said "she is very young and weak therefore I don't want to disturb her because I knew that by getting this news she will undergo the stress which I don't want."

He started treatment of his wife by regularly giving medicines to her - till the completion of treatment. His wife was oblivious of the fact that she is suffering from TB. " Whenever I was asking from him about my disease he was saying that you are having chest problem and have to take the medicines daily. Just you should cover your mouth while coughing and sneezing and don't spit everywhere I was following his every advise" Says, Fatima.

His sister who is living in his home says" Once my niece came and she told me that aunty might be suffering from TB you should distance yourself from her. When I asked from my brother he replied that i have confirmed from doctor she is having chest problem not the TB"

Slowly and gradually Fatima condition started improving and she completed her eight months treatment. Khalid felt elated when he got her final sputum results, they were clear. After completion of eight months treatment Khalid told his wife and his family that Fatima was having TB and she is cured now. However his wife was not prepared for this shock and she got worried and depressed but Khalid satisfied her by saying "show these results to any expert in this world he will confirm to you that your TB is cured now" with this she felt satisfied as she believed him.

Khalid's contribution to TB support did not end up here. He approached TAF for getting TB project for his organization (NGO where he works). So far his organization has referred 1099 TB suspect to Yaar Hussein Hospital out of it 78 were confirmed. Among these 78 TB patients 23 are SS Positive while 55 are SS Negative.

Collected & Compiled by: Ms. Shandana Khisro, ACSM Task Coordinator (PTP, NWFP) Editied by: Ms. Mariam Raza, Task Coordinator (NTP, Islamabad)


Posted On : 19-Nov-11

Dated: 2013-05-31